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Tafseer e Quran by mufti muhammad asif Abdullah Qadri Audio http://tafseerequran.net

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 Allah ki Ghaibi Madad

 Quran-e-Pak / Durood-e-Pak Submission (Aesaal-e-Swaab )
Aesaal-e-Swaab Token Submission

Now you can submit your recited Quran-e-Pak & Durood-e-Pak online by filling out our given Token Submission Form.

Click here to submit your token.

 Mahana Noor e Quran Nashisht (Recorded Biyanat)
 Allah ki Ghaibi Madad
Recently held programe

Recently held mahana Nashisht "Banay hoey kam bigartay kiun hain?"

Held Date:  04-NOV-2009
Speaker: Mufti Asif Abdullah Qadri..

 Naat Albums (Muhammad Fuzail Raza Qadri)
 Allah ki Ghaibi Madad
Recent Release

By: Muhammad Fuzail Raza Qadri

Ahlaon wa sahlaon Ya Rasool Allah Durood
Allah Karam Allah Karam...
Main tu khud on k dar ka....

 khushgawar zindagi Recording
Allah ki Ghaibi Madad
Complete Tafseer-e-Quran

Find complete recordings of Tafseer-e-Quran by " Mufti Muhammad Asif Abdullah Qadri "

Click here for details

 Anmol Khazana
anmol khazana
Anmol Khazana

Browse the complete collection of bayanaat under the topic of Anmol Kahazana.


Complete recording of Khatm-e-Qadria programme..

Please browse our latest Khatm-e-Qadria scaned book...

 Special Events
Special Events

Find various recorded biyanat by different scholers.

Held on many special events.

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